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What is a headache?
Headaches are any pains in the head ranging from dull achiness to a sharp stabbing pain. There are many possible triggers for headaches such as lack of sleep, vision problems, stress, loud noises, etc.

What is a migraine?
A migraine typically is a headache of varying intensities and many times is accompanied by nausea/vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, and even visual disturbances. Typical treatments for both include medication, cortisone shots, and stress-relieving activities.

What causes headaches/migraines?
Experts believe that headaches and migraines can be of different origins. They could be classified as cervicogenic headaches, meaning that the headache is actually coming from the tightness in your neck muscles. They could also possibly be due to a decrease of oxygenated blood flow to your brain, or a stagnation of the venous flow away from your brain. Simply put, the flow of blood that carries oxygen to the brain or the flow of blood that carries deoxygenated blood away from the brain could not be functioning efficiently.

How does this happen?
Muscles in your neck can become chronically tight due to accidents such as whiplash, or even just poor posture. When you are not standing or sitting up straight, the muscles in the back of the neck can stay in positions that are not ideal for hours. This can lead to tightness, tension, dysfunction, and even pain.

What’s the result?
When these muscles are not working correctly and are chronically tight, they can put pressure on the nerves that go to your head, resulting in headaches. This chronic tightness could also put pressure on the blood flowing to and from your brain when these suboccipital muscles are tight and the atlas bone is misaligned.

This constant pressure may cause a decrease or stagnation in the blood flow, resulting in headaches or migraines. When there is constant pressure, your body may not be able to function efficiently/properly leading to other symptoms such as brain fog or even general fatigue.

How can AtlasPROfilax® help?
AtlasPROfilax® targets these tight neck muscles, allowing the muscles to fatigue and release. Once the tightness and tension is no longer in these muscles, headaches significantly decrease and may even be eliminated. When these muscles are released, you are also able to stand and sit in better posture, preventing the tightness and tensions from returning in the future.

AtlasPROfilax® releases this tension in the suboccipital muscles restores them to their optimal state, and relieves pressure, providing long-lasting relief from headaches and migraines.

Where can I find AtlasPROfilax®?
There are certified AtlasPROfilax® specialists all over the world.

This article first appeared on the Earthly Living website located in beautiful Montclair, NJ!