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Are you suffering from Poor Posture Pain?

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Poor posture has many negative effects on your health.

Poor posture and rounded shoulders can decrease your thoracic cavity space
which decreases your breath quality. This can cause a decrease in oxygen
which is needed to rejuvenate and restore cells.
Poor posture also makes it difficult to exhale fully which can lead to a build up of
carbon dioxide, a waste product of the respiratory system. This carbon dioxide
build up can cause your body to become more acidic which makes your kidneys
work hard to neutralize the acidity in your body.
Full deep inhalation and exhalation helps promote a healthy heart, brain, and
other vital organs.

Your energy level can be negatively affected by poor posture. Poor posture adds compression and tension to structures not meant to bear weight. The strains and stresses build up over time and wear down joints, bones, and ligaments and change the way our muscles fire. Poor posture causes you to fatigue more quickly because it requires much more energy as your body has to work hard to compensate and maintain itself.

Poor Posture Pain Relief & Wellness

Poor Posture can negatively affect your mood. In a published study in the
Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, they found that
“adopting an upright posture increases positive affect, reduces fatigue, and
decreases self-focus.”

In forward head posture, where the head is aligned forward in relation to the
spine, this can cause a myriad of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. This type of
poor posture tightens some muscles and weakens others. This leads to neck
pain and muscle strain. Tension headaches can also be caused when tight neck
muscles send pain radiating up to the head.

Are you suffering from Poor Posture Pain?

Learn how a single treatment could improve your life.

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Poor posture can lead to contracted short lumbar muscles causing tightness and low back pain. It can increase spinal wear and tear and increase the risk of a back injury which includes, bulging discs, herniated discs, and spinal disc degeneration.
Poor posture can cause your spine to be misaligned which can cause malalignment in your joints, hips, knees, and impingement in the shoulders. This can cause the joints to wear down, exacerbate arthritis, and increase pain. Continuous misaligned wear can result in a need for hip and knee replacements. Poor Posture can compromise your balance and stability. Poor posture can also contribute to shoulder pain as rotator cuff tendons press the arch of your shoulder and increase pain when you move or lie on the side of the affected shoulder.

Poor posture can cause an improper bite pattern due to improper spine and jaw alignment. When the jaw joints are misaligned, they can lock, pop, cramp, and even spasm which causes jaw pain and difficulty chewing. When you sit all day with poor posture, you decrease your body’s circulation. While sitting with a rounded lower back, this shortens and tightens the pelvic floor muscles which can cause pelvic pain, constipation, restrict urinary flow, and can cause sexual dysfunction.

Poor posture will continue to get worse over time and so will the problems associated with poor posture.

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