The safe, natural treatment for pain relief, improved posture, optimized health and athleticism in only 3 minutes.

How AtlasPROfilax works

AtlasPROfilax is a safe, noninvasive method that offers immediate and lasting results in a single treatment.
AtlasPROfilax uses our patented tool to deliver a controlled vibrational treatment to the suboccipital muscles of the neck to activate, exhaust, then reset these muscles. When these important muscles are reset, they allow the atlas to shift into its optimal position without cracking or adjusting.
Studies show a connection between the suboccipital muscle fascia and cervical dura mater to pain syndromes, sensorimotor function, postural control, and balance.

Reset Your Life!!

Life-Changing Treatment Explained

How is AtlasPROfilax Different?

AtlasPROfilax treats the cause of the symptom.

AtlasPROfilax has long lasting sustainability because it affects change in
multiple muscle layers and fascia.
AtlasPROfilax does not directly manipulate the atlas vertebra.

AtlasPROfilax is safe for any age and most conditions.

We also encourage AtlasPROfilax as a preventative treatment.
(Profilax = Prophylactic= Prevention)
AtlasPROfilax can prevent new issues from developing and old issues from becoming worse. We encourage treating children as early as possible for optimal development, coordination, balance and to prevent problems that may develop later in life.

Symptoms benefiting from an AtlasPROfilax Treatment

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Back Pain


Migraines/ Headaches

Poor Posture

Vertigo/ Dizziness


TMJ Syndrome/ Bruxism 

Bulging/Herniated Disc

Shoulder Pain/ Frozen Shoulder


Foggy Thinking


Decreased Range of Motion

Poor Balance

Kyphosis/ Hunchback

Meniere’s Disease

Tinnitus (Ringing in ears)


Carpal Tunnel/ Numbness in hands

And many more….

“For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” -Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3

Be your Best!!!

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Muscular Strength

Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility

Improve Balance

Improve Breathing Capacity

Improve Focus

AtlasPROfilax History

In 1995, AtlasPROfilax was developed in Switzerland by Rene Schumperli
who had spent years plagued by debilitating chronic pain. He made it his
life mission to find a safe method to safely get long term pain relief.

Join over TWO MILLION people worldwide that are already enjoying the benefits of AtlasPROfilax.

Here is what our clients | 😍

AtlasPROfilax is a three-minute miracle!!


A total success! My chronic pain is completely gone after decades of suffering!


Thank you for giving me hope again, a future again, and doing what no one else was able to do.


It is truly one of those things in life you didn’t know you need until you have it done!


This miracle treatment has been a lifesaver for me and I have my life back.


I wish I would have done this 50 years ago!


I have renewed energy as if someone pulled a string at the top of my head and removed all of the kinks.


Amazed at the immediate results. Every day just gets better and better!


My neck mobility is now optimal, without tension and discomfort.


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