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Are you suffering from Bruxism/ TMJ Pain?

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A misaligned atlas vertebra creates muscle imbalance in the upper neck muscles.  The tone of the neck muscles is therefore altered; some muscle groups will be more lax, while others will be tight and contracted. This results in a forward head, or, distorted posture.  This abnormal muscular tension can have a negative effect on the position of the jaw and temporomandibular joint, causing pain, joint noise, difficulty opening the mouth, chewing, yawning, and other motions that the mouth otherwise comfortably performs.

Bruxism is another word for ‘grinding of the teeth’. This typically occurs at night, while one is sleeping. In many instances, this is a result of a psychological cause. But otherwise, the misalignment of the atlas is one of the primary factors, which is responsible for structural or mechanical imbalance. A malrotation of the atlas alters the natural balance of the muscular structures of the area, causing an unhealthy and abnormal tension that leads to structural bruxism.

Bruxism/ TMJ Pain Relief, Healing & Wellness

Jaw dysfunction:


A misaligned atlas results in irritation of the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull, which in turn, reduces joint mobility between the axis (2nd vertebra) and 3rd vertebra, affecting the position and closure of the jaw.

Are you suffering from Bruxism/ TMJ Pain?

Learn how a single treatment could improve your life.

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A common co-morbidity related to temporomandibular disorder (TMJ) is neck pain. Neck pain, also known as cervical spine disorder, involves muscles, facet joints, discs, and nerves of the cervical spine.

By correcting the malrotation of the atlas and regaining balance to the cervical muscles, jaw pain and bruxism can be relieved or eliminated.

Atlasprofilax has proven effective in relieving or improving structural bruxism. The pain, in addition to joint noise, yawning, chewing and other common issues associated with jaw pain, is usually relieved in a very high percentage of people.